Who We Are

Kiira Motors Corporation is a State Enterprise established to champion value addition in the nascent Motor Vehicle Industry in Uganda through Technology Transfer, Contract Manufacturing and Supply Chain Localization. This strategic intervention is poised to contribute to the industrialization agenda envisaged to aid the transformation of Uganda into an upper middle-income economy by 2040. Kiira Motors Corporation is developing long-term technology partnership(s) to build core capabilities to Develop, Make, and Sell motor vehicles and components in Africa on a Mission to build a better Uganda through Automotive Technology. The Strategic Technology Partnership(s) are premised on 4+1 pillars of People, Plant, Products, Mobility Infrastructure and Policy founded on strategies developed and shaped by the realities and characteristics of the target market in Uganda and Africa. The sustainability of the KMC operations is premised on optimal utilisation of infrastructure, facilities and resources seasoned with relevant application of Industry 4.0+ tools and technologies within the context of a circular economy. The Shareholders of Kiira Motors Corporation are: The Government of the Republic of Uganda represented by the Ministry responsible for Science, Technology and Innovation, Office of the President (96%) and Makerere University (4%).


To champion value addition in the Mobility Industry in Uganda through Technology Transfer, Contract Manufacturing and Supply Chain Localization.


To be the Best-in-Class Motor Vehicle Manufacturer in Africa.


To Build a better Uganda through Automotive Technology.

Core Values

  1. Focus on the Customer: We understand, and then meet our customer’s needs. We put the customer at the center of how we run our business.
  2. Collaborate to Learn and Grow: We collaborate with industry leaders to achieve our mission and bring the best solutions to our customers.
  3. Innovate Sustainable Solutions: We create solutions to the challenges faced by our communities. We give our customers and other stakeholders the reason to choose Kiira Motors Corporation.
  4. Empower the Team and Build Community: We take initiative to empower people at all levels - our employees, customers and other stakeholders. We do work that inspires and builds local communities.
  5. Exemplify Professionalism: We operate with world-class levels of integrity, respect, ethics and professional conduct.

Strategic Objectives

Building the Indigenous Motor Vehicle Industry is consistent with Uganda’s aspirations and pathways to Vision 2040 outlined in the National Development Plan III and the NRM Manifesto 2021 – 2026. Specifically, (1) Promotion of Local Manufacturing of Motor Vehicles; (2) Establishment of an Efficient, Integrated, Sustainable, Safe and Inclusive Public Transport System; and (3) Promotion of Environmentally Friendly Transport Solutions. Against this background, the strategic objectives for Kiira Motors Corporation are to:

  1. Produce vehicles including but not limited to conventional, electric, and new energy Buses, Pick-ups, SUVs Light and Medium Duty Trucks, 2&3-wheelers.
  2. Localize key mobility parts, components, systems, and services.
  3. Establish a smart, reliable, and convenient charging network for e-Mobility Solutions.
  4. Support the establishment of efficient, integrated, sustainable, safe and inclusive mass transit system in Uganda.
  5. Skill and Re-Skill Mobility Industry value chain actors.