Government of Uganda, acting through the Uganda Investment Authority, allocated 100 acres for the establishment of the Kiira Vehicle Plant, located at the Jinja Industrial and Business Park, Plot No. 701, Block 2 Kagogwa Village, Mawoito Parish, Kakira Town Council, Jinja District.

The Kiira Vehicle Plant site development has been planned to take place in phases. The detailed design specifications and Bills of Quantities for the Kiira Vehicle Plant start up facilities (initial installed capacity 5,000 vehicles per annum) have been developed and approved by the relevant authorities. The Start-Up Facilities include the Assembly Shop and Plant Offices, Plant Circulation Roads, Power and Water Distribution Systems, Waste Management Facilities, Perimeter Fence and Gate Facilities, Drainage System and Whole Vehicle Test Facilities.

Kiira Vehicle Plant Master Plan
Kiira Vehicle Plant Master Plan
Main Entrance
Main Entrance
Assembly Shop and Parking Spaces
Assembly Shop and Parking Spaces


Kiira Motors Corporation and National Enterprise Corporation (NEC) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for Construction of the Kiira Vehicle Plant Start-Up Facilities (Phase I) at the Jinja Industrial and Business Park based on the Force Account Mechanism provided for under Section 95(A) of the PPDA Act, 2003 (as amended). This was subsequent to clearance of the MOU by the Solicitor General.

The Kiira Vehicle Plant Site was handed over to NEC on 18th January, 2019, who deployed security and commenced work on 11th February, 2019. Construction is expected to take two and a half (2.5) Years with completion slated for June 2021.

The Scope of Work for NEC includes: Site Clearance; Construction of a 3.6km perimeter fence and Two Gates; Excavation of a 1.4km Open Channel along the Western Boundary; Construction of the Assembly Shop, Offices, R&D Space, Materials Storage Areas, Overhead Water Reservoir, Container Yards, Finished Vehicle Park Yard, and Plant Monument; Construction and Installation of Servicing Facilities including the Plant Campus Circulation Roads, Power Distribution, Water Distribution, I.T Network Backbone, Drainage and Waste (Water and Solid) Management Systems; and defects liability period shall be for 12 months commencing on the date of Practical Completion of the Project.

The construction and installation of a 3.7km long 33kV medium voltage electricity line connecting the Kiira Vehicle Plant Site to the national electricity grid has been completed, tested and commissioned by Umeme. The construction and installation of a 5.4km long 6-inch water pipeline connecting the plant site to the municipal water supply system has been completed, tested and commissioned by National Water and Sewerage Corporation.


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