Uganda Eco - Mobility Industrial and Technology Park

The Uganda Eco - Automotive Industrial & Technology Park (AITP) is one of the Strategic Program Projects in Uganda's Third National Development Plan (NDPIII) 2020/21 – 2024/25 in line with the overall theme of Sustainable Industrialization for inclusive growth, employment and sustainable wealth creation. Government through Kiira Motors Corporation purchased two (2) square miles (1,280 acres) of land for setting up the Uganda Eco - Automotive Industrial & Technology Park to support a wide range of investments in motor vehicle parts manufacturing, vehicle testing and automotive technology innovation enterprises. The AITP is located in Bbaale, Kayunga District Central Uganda.

The park is conceptualized to host a Pickup and SUV Vehicle Plant; Auto Parts Supplier Plants; Vehicle Proving Grounds and Testing Facilities; Automotive Technology & Innovation Centre; Business Centre; Automotive Industry Skilling Center; Waste Management Facilities and Social Amenities for Workers in the Automotive Park.

Kiira Motors Corporation shall utilize the AITP for the production of Pick-Ups and SUVs at the proposed 100 Acre Kiira Pickup & SUV Plant with a capacity of 100,000 vehicles a year in a single shift. KMC shall also provide space of nearly 50 acres within the park for at least 10 Auto Parts Manufacturing Plants. These are envisaged to produce auto parts including: Auto Glass, Brake Pads, Fibre Glass Panels, and Nuts and Bolts, Rubber Bushes, Filters (Air, Fuel and Oil), Vehicle Electronic Control Units, Vehicle Seats, Bamboo Boards, Banana Fibre Carpets, Lithium Ion Batteries and HVAC Systems among others.