Kiira Motors Corporation CEO Awarded African Leadership Medal of Honour in Business

KAMPALA, September 26th 2018 – African Leadership (UK) Ltd has awarded Mr. Paul Isaac Musasizi, Chief Executive Officer of Kiira Motors Corporation, the African Leadership Medal of Honour in Business Award and inducted him into the African CEOs Hall of Fame. This was at the International Forum on African Leadership which was held on Tuesday 25th September 2018 at the New York Hilton, New York, USA.

Mr. Musasizi was recognized for his outstanding achievements as one of Africa’s most impactful business leaders, with an impeccable track record and consistency in championing ethical business practices. The Award Board, in their approval note, listed his exceptional leadership, impact on the lives of both his internal and external communities and his unalloyed commitment in advancing the entrepreneurial passion in Africa as core considerations for this meritorious honour.

The International Forum on African Leadership is a strategic high-level summit designed to build consensus towards addressing pressing regional and international challenges of peace, security and development in Africa, guided by shared vision and aspirations. This year’s forum attracted an array of critical African Leadership stakeholders from the public and private sectors, African presidents, diplomats, business leaders, the academia, delegations from US legislative bodies with special focus on Africa, African Union representatives among others.

Past recipients of the award from the African Leadership (UK) Ltd include Rwandan President Paul Kagame recognized as African of the year 2017, among others.

The award interrelates the fact that innovative start-ups like Kiira Motors Corporation with efforts towards development of local automotive manufacturing capabilities are a consequential intervention towards economic empowerment across the African continent.

CEO Kiira Motors Corporation receives the Frost & Sullivan Award
CEO Kiira Motors Corporation receives the Frost & Sullivan Award